Gold Bead Earring

gold bead earring

    gold bead
  • Preferred by many competitors in IPSC and IDPA shooting.^[3]

  • A piece of jewelry worn on the ear

  • (Earrings) Often gold, pirates and privateers wore them primarily as a show of wealth, to avoid taxation, or as security to pay for their funeral.

  • A piece of jewelry worn on the lobe or edge of the ear

  • jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe

gold bead earring - 14k White

14k White Gold Graduated Polished Bead Earrings

14k White Gold Graduated Polished Bead Earrings

Simple and elegant, the 14k Gold Graduated Polished Bead Earrings are a pair you'll want to wear for every special night out. Made from beautiful 14k gold, the drop earrings offer a lush shine that will stay glossy and bright for years to come. Each dangle consists of a stack of three round gold beads in a graduated arrangement with the largest bead at the bottom. Strung on simple wire pins, the beads form a chain that measures 8 millimeters at its widest point. The bead chains suspend from 14k gold fishhook ear wires that are lightweight and comfortable for all-evening wear. Pair these timeless gold earrings with a matching necklace or a pearl bracelet for a chic look.

88% (17)

Topaz Gold Beaded Earrings

Topaz Gold Beaded Earrings

14K gold filled earrings beaded with topaz lampwork gold foiled Venetian beads. Topped with Swarovski Golden Shadow crystals. Accented with antique gold bead caps. Beaded drops dangle from antique gold rollo chain.

? 14K gold filled earring wires
? Venetian lampwork glass beads - 8mm
? Swarovski crystals in "golden shadow"
? Antique gold bead caps and chain
? Drop is 1 1/2 inches


Brown and Gold Beaded Earrings

Brown and Gold Beaded Earrings

A gold fringe contrasts with the brown and cream colored size 11 beads in these festive earrings. The earrings are 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. The ear wires and the the drops are 14 karat gold plate.

gold bead earring

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